Helen Lundeberg (1908-1999)

We are especially interested in buying artwork by Helen Lundeberg.


Lundeberg was born in Chicago, and moved to California in 1912. She was a Surrealist and Post-Surrealist painter who called her earlier style ​New Classicism.” she later explored other styles and techniques, including murals (for the WPA) and acrylics. Working in California, Lundeberg and Lorser Feitelson, her teacher and husband, formulated an artistic theory called Post-Surrealism. They wished to depict coherent thought processes and functions of the mind, unlike European Surrealists who concentrated on manifestations of dreams and the subconscious. Lundeberg rejected dreamlike free associations and instead placed objects together deliberately to evoke a particular idea. The artist created carefully composed, intimate views of still lifes and interiors that conjured eerie worlds and moments of quiet reflection.