Paul Landacre (1893-1963)

We are especially interested in buying artwork by Paul Landacre.


Paul Landacre, printmaker and illustrator, was born in Columbus, Ohio and attended Ohio State University until he was suddenly disabled by the onset of a debilitating illness. In 1916, he moved to Chula Vista, California to recover, while living with his father. During his long convalescence, Landacre found solace in drawing the landscape and soon purchased his first blocks of linoleum. By 1922, he had moved to Los Angeles to attend classes at the Otis Art Institute. Wood engraving was not part of the curriculum, and Landacre was self-taught in this art form.

The artist worked as a commercial illustrator, married Margaret McCreery in 1925, and with the support of his wife, devoted himself to wood engraving in 1926. His first solo exhibition was at the Blanding Sloan Workshop Gallery in San Francisco in 1929, and an exhibition the following year at Zeitlin’s bookshop in Los Angeles was the genesis of a long and rewarding relationship between the artist and Jake Zeitlin. Landacre taught wood engraving at the University of Southern California, Otis Art Institute and the Kahn Institute, and held memberships in the California Society of Etchers, California Print Makers Society, American Society of Wood Engravers, and the American Society of Etchers, Gravers, Lithographers and Woodcutters.